Derek Armstrong, Programme Manager (Endemic Diseases) at AHDB Dairy, uses a farmer case study to highlight the importance of eradication of BVD, as part of the BVDFree England scheme, launched in July 2016


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Following the launch of the BVDFree England campaign, Boehringer Ingelheim and Farmers Weekly held a BVD roundtable discussion. With key members of the cattle industry present, the group sought to identify key factors in engaging the industry in eradication of this endemic disease.

The BVD risk related to extensive breeding system in suckling cows

Raphael Guatteo

When assessing the risk of BVD in an extensive cow-calf system, it is important to consider both the probability of BVD virus introduction and the consequences of its introduction. Vaccination is an important pillar of BVD control, especially in a system where the risk of virus introduction is high (e.g. pasture) and the consequences of the disease are negative.