BCVA BVDzero Symposium 

Horst Schirrmeier & Christine Middlemiss

Update on the challenges of disease eradication in the UK presented at BCVA Congress 2014.

BVD: Progress Through Partnership - Christine Middlemiss BVMS MRCVS of Defra outlines governmental ambitions for BVD control in England in relation to the rest of the UK.


The emergence of highly virulent BVDV 2c – an unexpected challenge for the German control programme - Dr. med.vet. Horst Schirrmeier of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Germany discusses recent BVD outbreaks, in the context of the German BVD eradication scheme.


Recent BVD type 2 outbreaks

Klaus Doll

Serious BVD type 2 outbreaks occurred in Germany in 2013. These outbreaks were associated with severe clinical symptoms, immunosuppression, economic losses and high mortality rates. Vaccination should be increased in Germany to avoid compromising the goals of the national BVD control program.