On 29th November, journalists from different European countries attended the BVDZero 2016 Update event held in Frankfurt. The purpose of this event was to provide a global perspective of the disease. Main topics included:


· Prevalence of Type 2 in main European producing countries
(Presented by Prof Volker Moennig and Lucy Metcalfe)

· Bovela New Study on Dynamic of Immunity
(Presented by Jim Roth via video from the U.S. )

· Presentation by BVDZero Award top 3 cases


The BVDZero Award is a recognition of cases for their exemplary detection and prevention of the disease, sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim. Out of 45 cases that submitted from 7 countries, and carefully reviewed by the Award Committee, the following top 3 cases were rewarded on the event day.


  • 1st Place: Igor Ajuriaguerra from Veterinarios Asociados, based in Cantabria (Spain): highlighting serious negative impacts on both fertility and calf health due to BVD infection and false identification of infected cattle.
  • 2nd Place: Katherine Lumb from Bishopton Veterinary Group, North Yorkshire (UK): eradication of BVD at Watergate farm through establishment of good biosecurity and review of vaccination and monitoring programs.
  • 3rd Place: Angela Damaso from The Royal Veterinary College (UK): highlighting risk factors in eradication of BVD such as challenges around biosecurity, slow removal of persistently infected (PI) animals and number of naive animals due to lack of vaccination.


The BVDZero 2016 Update reflected all the effort we have put into this disease, and has become an event in celebration of the steps we are taking towards a complete eradication of the disease.